Strategic Planning:

  • Develop long range plans, corporate strategies to support product offerings, corporate investments, new markets opportunities
  • Assist Non-profit organizations to define vision, long term goals and objectives and near-term tactical plans for implementing ministry/organization goals.
  • Develop long term technology roadmaps for product development to meet future capabilities

U.S. Government Acquisition:

  • Oversight of USG approved acquisition strategies
  • Development of acquisition strategies for space systems and technology development
  • Provide assessments of the impacts to U.S. industrial base resulting from USG acquisition approach
  • Understanding of impacts of USG acquisition policies and strategies on commercial industry

National Policy:

  • National Policy development and execution
  • Understanding of Interagency Process used in all aspect of Space Policy and Program execution to include budget development

Space Technology Development:

  • Identifying and defining major space system demonstrations and technology investment to include roadmap development
  • Integration of technology investment efforts
  • Assessment of technology maturity levels to identify investment needs/gaps